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The key objective of the AIPET is to provide an outstanding practical engineering and technology education; from Diplomas through to Masters Degrees. The finest engineering lecturers and instructors, with extensive real engineering experience in industry, are drawn from around the world. The learning is gained through synchronous, online (eLearning) technologies.

AIPET offers awards in a growing array of engineering fields. The programs are taught using the unique approach of LIVE interactive sessions over the Internet, combined with practical exercises completed using remote laboratories and simulation software. The range of programs include:
•    Professional Certificate of Competency - 3 months (part time, intensive)
•    Diploma of Leadership and Management - 12 months (part time, intensive)
•    Advanced Diploma - 18 to 24 months (part time, intensive)
•    Bachelor of Science in four (4) streams: Industrial Automation Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil and Structural Engineering - 3 years (full time)
•    Graduate Certificate - 6 months (part time, intensive)
•    Graduate Diploma - 12 months (part time, intensive)

Why Choose the AIPET?
1.    Internationally endorsed engineering qualifications (from advanced diploma and beyond)
2.    Designed for students already working in industry who need an efficient educational alternative
3.    Practical, relevant, industry driven courses
4.    Presented by some of the finest engineering lecturers selected from around the world
5.    EIT’s “expert at your desk” instructors will have extensive industry experience
6.    Classes presented “live” using the latest web-based technologies
7.    Classes are interactive, interesting and motivational
8.    Access to enormous depth of reference and research materials
9.    Create your own technical support network via the AIPET Alumni group
10.    Cost effective with a choice of payment plans
11.    Personalised delivery in small group sizes

Internationally endorsed engineering qualifications (from advanced diploma and beyond)
AIPET offers Australian accredited Diplomas, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master degrees in a broad range of engineering and technology fields. The college and our courses are also endorsed by a range of international academic and professional bodies. Please refer to:  
Our accreditation status is upgraded from time to time; please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further clarification or information.

Designed for students already working in industry who need an efficient educational alternative
In full time work it can be challenging to fit in study commitments. AIPET courses are provided using the latest e-learning techniques. There are regular class times, but these are web-based and can be joined from almost anywhere. Your reading, assignment work and some practicals can be completed in your own time.
AIPET  courses are intensive and challenging, designed for students who already have relevant education or career background in the subject. To maximise the benefits you will gain we would prefer you to have at least a tertiary qualification in engineering and experience in engineering (preferably electrical, mechanical or chemical). Practical work experience in related areas of engineering would also help enormously. However, if you don't have this background, please contact us for advice. Many of our senior students enter courses after a long break from formal studies and rely upon their career experience.
Practical, relevant, industry driven courses
Many universities and colleges do not teach the subjects offered by AIPET as part of their engineering core. Much of the key training material necessary to arm students when commencing work as a successful technician or engineer is missing from their programs (there are a few notable exceptions with some highly dedicated practitioners). Universities and colleges that do teach similar subjects to those of AIPET often do so mainly from a theoretical point of view. Furthermore, lecturers may have little experience in industry due to the difficulty in attracting good engineers from the highly paid private sector. In the main our courses do not place undue emphasis on theory. This is rarely needed in the real world of industry where time is short and immediate results, with hard-hitting and useful know-how, are required as a minimal requirement.

AIPET wants its successful students to develop exciting and challenging careers in industry. It is important to us that the skills and knowledge that students acquire are those required by employers. We are in regular contact with leading industry groups and corporations to ensure that the materials we present match real-world demand.

Presented by some of the finest engineering lecturers selected from around the world
The lecturers presenting AIPET courses are highly experienced engineers and subject experts. The e-learning presentation format means that instructors can present classes from almost any location and at varied times. This makes presenting for AIPET an attractive proposition that appeals to a high calibre of professional. In addition to the extensive skills and knowledge these instructors bring to students, each is well practiced in the use of e-learning techniques so that the live web sessions are interesting and interactive.
AIPET's “expert at your desk” instructors will have extensive industry experience
The e-learning techniques used by AIPET provide students with live access to the extensive, specialised expertise of our instructors. This means that students have the tremendous benefit of an “expert at your desk” during the live sessions. And that same expertise is available outside class times via email and pre-arranged telephone support when extra course assistance is required. There is every possibility that the instructor has tackled challenges that are similar to those facing students in their daily work.

Classes presented “live” using the latest web-based technologies
AIPET is committed to providing a dynamic and interesting online learning experience. An essential part of that experience is the “live” component of the online classes. In some institutions e-learning implies that the student receives a passive education: downloading materials from the web, completing exercises by themselves, then uploading the results for eventual feedback. AIPET believes that e-learning can be more engaging and that live sessions should be blended with passive activities. The interactive classes are motivational and interesting. They give students a frequent reminder of the progress of fellow students and course deadlines. Our rate of retention of enrolled students is therefore well above the rate achieved when e-learning is entirely self-paced.
We use the latest web-conferencing software for the live sessions, supported by an advanced learning management system. The web-conferencing software allows students to listen and speak to the instructor and fellow students, send questions via instant text messaging, participate in web “tours”, and more. The software also allows students to take part in remote practical sessions with access to remote laboratories or application sharing. Students can see the immediate results of their experimentation, often assisted by the lecturer.
Classes are interactive, interesting and motivational
The combination of experienced instructors, up-to-the-minute software, and international student participation creates a learning experience that is unmatched.

Access to enormous depth of reference and research materials
AIPET has established an extensive collection of practical technical reference books. Most AIPET courses feature several of these books included in the course fee.
AIPET is building a large collection of downloadable reference materials via this website. Enrolled students have access to specific course materials through AIPET learning management system.
In addition to this, AIPET is developing reciprocal arrangements with other institutions which will enable enrolled students to gain access to thousands of additional articles and references.

Create your own technical support network via AIPET Alumni group
Every student who has successfully completed an advanced diploma course and above from AIPET (and IDC Technologies) is automatically registered as a member of AIPET Alumni. Past students who gain the most from Alumni membership put the benefits to work. Network with professional contacts, get advance notice of upcoming AIPET courses and special events (and those of our partners), and receive notices of special pricing and exclusive arrangements for technical resources.

Cost effective with a choice of payment plans
Should e-learning be a more cost-effective way to study? AIPET believes so. Our costs are lower with no physical campus to maintain and there are other efficiencies that e-learning provides. For students studying by e-learning, there’s no time and money lost in travel. Study times (apart from the live web classes) can be managed around work and personal commitments.
Students can choose to pay AIPET course fees up front or via optional payment plans to help with budgeting. There is no obligation if students need to defer their studies – payments can be frozen until the student is ready to rejoin.

Personalized delivery in small group sizes
It is a common concern of students that their specific needs may not be heard by an impersonal “institution”. AIPET is determined to listen and respond to students and provide true personalized attention. The interactive class sizes are capped (depending upon the subject), giving students plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact with other students. Our learning management system gives rapid access to the Course Coordinator and instructors and lecturers outside of scheduled class times.